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Slimline Coil

AMETEK Slimline CoilTM Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers and widely used in the metal finishing and chemical processing industries, and are especially suited to batch and continuous steel pickling applications. The inherent non-stick characteristics of fluoropolymer resins resist corrosion and fouling, extend heat exchanger service life, and improve value-in-use through savings in plant maintenance costs.

AMETEK Q-Series Slimline CoilTM Heat Exchangers are constructed from a proprietary resin compound that improves durability, and pressure and temperature capabilities over conventional coils - high performance that enables AMETEK Q-Series Slimline CoilsTM to handle many steam heating applications without desuperheating. In metal processing, high efficiency AMETEK Slimline CoilTM Heat Exchangers also save energy...reduce waste...and cut processing costs by minimizing acid comsumption and spent pickle liquor disposal.

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