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Reactor Coil Model R500
  • Tubing Configuration: Loose Bundle
  • Tube Outside Diameter: .125" (3.175 mm)
  • Tube Wall Thickness: .0125" (.3175 mm)
  • Length Tolerance Standard: -0, +5.0" (-0 + 127 mm) Close: +/-0.5" (+/-12.7 mm)
  • Average Heat Transfer Coefficient (U): 40-50 BTU/Hr./ft2/ºF (227 - 284  watts/m2-ºK)

AMETEK Reactor Coil Heat Exchangers - made with tubing of fluoropolymer fluorocarbon resin - are used for heating and cooling of corrosive fluids in a wide range of processes and applications.  The well-known non-stick characteristics of fluoropolymer resist corrosion and reduce fouling.  AMETEK Reactor Coils are designed for immersion directly into the process vessel, and are most efficient when agitated in the process solution.  During agitation, the flexing action of the coils helps to reduce fouling and dislodges deposits that may have formed.  This and other unique design features make the Model R500 Reactor Coil ideal for crystallizer applications. 

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