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Immersion-Coil-Minicoil Minicoil FEP, PFA, High Purity (HP), PVDF, and Q-Series Heat Exchangers 
  • Used to control temperature in laboratory baths and small production tanks where corrosion is an issue.
  • Used in etching, precious metal plating, and DI water rinse tanks.
  • Wide variety of tubing materials consisting of FEP, PFA, PVDF, High Purity (HP), or Q-Series.  Other options may be available, contact an AMETEK representative.
  • Exceptional Chemical Resistance: FEP Series coils are considered inert to corrosive chemicals.  Q-Series are inert in corrosive chemicals except for certain concentrated, hot, oxidizing chemicals.
  • For Electroless Nickel:
    Q-Series tubing in a protective polypropylene or PTFE frame
  • For chrome and other plating: FEP tubing in a protective CPVC or PTFE frame
  • Three compact frame sizes (nominal): 12 x 12 in., 15 x 15 in., 18 x 18 in.
  • Heat transfer areas from 2.1 ft2 (0.195 m2) to 10.0 ft2 (0.929 m2)

AMETEK Minicoil Heat Exchangers made with fluorocarbon resins are used primarily in small metal finishing baths where corrosion is often a problem.  The chemically inert, well-known nonstick characteristics of fluoropolymers resist corrosion and fouling, and minimize scale buildup.  The inherently high electrical resistence also helps prevent short circuits and stray currents in the plating baths. 

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Immersion-Coil-Slimline-Coil Slimline Coil
  • Tube Outside Diameter: .125 inch (3.175 mm) 
  • Tube All Thickness: 0.125 inch (.3175 mm)
  • Average Heat Transfer Coefficent (U) Q Resin: 60-100 BTU/Hr.-ft.2-oF (293-488 Kcal/Hr.-m2-oC
  • Average Heat Transfer Coefficient (U) FEP, PFA: 30-50 BTU/Hr.-ft.2-oF (146-244 Kcal/Hr.-m2-oC)

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Immersion-Coil-Supercoil  Supercoil
  • Tube Outside diameter: 0.10 inch (2.54 mm) 
  • Tube Wall Thickness: 0.01 inch (.254 mm)
  • Average Heat Transfer Coefficient Q: 80 to 120 BTU/Hr.-ft2 -ºF (454 tp 682 watts/m2-ºK)
  • Average Heat Transfer Coefficient FEP: 40 to 60 BTU/Hr.-ft2-ºF (227 to 341 watts/m2-ºK)

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