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New Products for the Semiconductor Industry March 2010


Dual Containment tubing is used to provide additional security against leaks in applications in which hazardous liquids are being transported.  The product consists of two tubes, one inside the other, and they are referred to as the "Primary Tube" (inside tube) and the "Secondary Tube" (out-side tube).  The liquid is transported inside the primary tube, and if that tube fails for any reason, the liquid is contained within the secondary tube.

  • The material for the primary containment tube is typically PFA or High Purity PFA for universal chemical compatibility.
  • The material for the secondary containment tube is typically FEP or standard PFA.
  • The secondary containment tube is transparent, allowing easy visual inspection of the primary tubing.
  • The Tube-in-Tube design process provides long, continuous lengths, which minimizes points of connection and/or welding.
  • No special welding or heat bending processes are required.
  • Laser marking on both inner nad outer tubes is available, for lot traceability, size, and material type
New Products for the Semiconductor Industry March 2010

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